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Welcome to the homepage of the Eve Project !!!

We sell merch to support our team ! 

If you wann support us , but you're not sure to buy a plan, please consider using the merch page to buy items that you need , as well as helping us to gain some more revenue to support the team behind the project !!! Thank you for your kindness !

What fits your needs ?

  • User Plan

    Every month
    Get to use everything at full potential as a user !
     30 day free trial
    • Eve Music Pro
    • Eve Admin Pro
    • Free Downloadables
    • Free Mug & T-shirt for anual members
    • 24/7 Customer Support
    • Priority for everything
  • Comunity Premium

    Every month
    Get your community the best of our products !
     14 day free trial
    • Full Eve Music for everyone
    • Full Manager Pro for everyone
    • Free merch for the owner
    • Discounts for your comunity members
    • Free badge in our comunity
    • Many more
  • Free For You

    Limited acces to any of our products
    Free Plan
    • Some products may display adds
    • Some products will have stuff locked
    • Some products wont be accessible
    • Limited data storage

Download App!!!

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Cloudy Eve Logo

Join our discord server to experience  the full picture !

If you own a plan 


For any item in the merch store !!!



Save 20% when you spend more than $125 for merch or keys

Eve Music - The project that brings spotify & youtube in uour discord chanel ! In the future in Guilded !


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