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Terms & Conditions

On this website the merch is imported by a 3rd party ! Which is going to be responsible of the orders ! However we approve the orders and manage the funds ! So in case any refund will be needed we can assist with that ! The refund terms will be displayed in a different page! 

Base rules of this site : 

Never promote any Violent , Politic, Sexual , Racist content !

Never use this site for any illegal sells ,conversations or posts !

This website is to be used by any responsible person over 18 !

Any hate speach in forums or comments will result in a ban !

Any of our plans are not refundable (More in refund form)

For any issue please contact the admins or staff! 

Any cracking of our software will result in a ban of the user ,that will not be qualified for a refund in case the user owns any products or plans !

Cracking of the software we provide will most likely result in a legal lawsuit!

Any trial of hacking the website or to gain informations or disscount or free products , or any other form of gain will result in a investigation , banning then with the proofs that we have we will file a lawsuit against any Person, group or organization that will try such actions against us, our community or any of our products or assets !

in general, what should you cover in your Terms & Conditions?


  1. Who can use your website; what are the requirements to create an account (if relevant)

  2. Key commercial Terms offered to customers

  3. Retention of right to change offering

  4. Warranties & responsibility for services and products

  5. Ownership of intellectual property, copyrights and logos

  6. Right to suspend or cancel member account

  7. Indemnification

  8. Limitation of liability

  9. Right to change and modify Terms

  10. Preference of law and dispute resolution

  11. Contact info


You can check out this support article to receive more information about how to create a Terms and Conditions page.

Here are the simple rules you have to follow browsing our site, or use any of our products ! We will display a T&C Agreement whenever you will try to use any of our products or services ! If you accept the terms we are proposing, you will be legally responsible to fulfill your part of agreement  ! If failing in to do so, we will take actions to prevent such a behavior or character populate our comunity , depending the gravity of the situation a punishment will be announced by email or any other form of contact , and the action will be taken in the time specified  ! It is your responsibility to keep your account up to date in order to receive any news regarding your account or situation in the community!

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